14th Annual NYC Career Event

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Date: November 1–2, 2018

group photo of last year's dinner

The program for this year is as follows:

Thursday, November 1, 2018
6:00–8:00 p.m.: Networking dinner with alumni
Orsay Restaurant: 1075 Lexington Avenue @ 75th Street, NYC
After Dinner Speaker: Jeff Hanson, Johnson Business School ’83
Topic: “LaunchU: Creating Your Own Personal and Professional Platform for Success”

Friday, November 2, 2018
Students to spend time with selected alumni at various businesses in the NYC area

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Who is attending:

John Rumble ’64
John Morrison ’75
Steve Pirozzi ’80
Jarett Wait ’80
Brian Finneran ’81
Howie Gordon ’81
Dennis McNamara ’83
David Coleville ’84
Frank Sposato ’84
Steve Decker ’85
David Hogan ’86
Marc Rothenberg ’87
Greg Korn ’98
Nathan Bryce ’06
Giorgio Piccoli ’07
Alex Rawitz ’13
Zach Smith ’13
Felix Tabary ’14
Bennet Heidenreich ’15
Andrew Joseph ’16
Nick Ornitz ’16

Career sessions with alumni currently include:

Donald Motschwiller ’80
Firm name: First New York Securities (http://firstny.com/)
Profession: equity derivatives
Will Host: Up to 5 students, Midtown NYC

Alan Riffkin ’88
Firm name: Lazard (https://www.lazard.com/)
Profession: investment banking
Will Host: Up to 12 students @ 12:00–1:30 p.m., Midtown NYC

Marc Rothenberg ’87
Marc.Rothenberg@gs.com; 212-902-5098
Firm name: Goldman Sachs, NYC
Profession: prime brokerage
Will Host: small group in the afternoon, Downtown NYC

Brian Harwitt ’15
Firm name: CoVenture, NYC
Profession: venture capital
Will Host: Up to 5 students, Downtown NYC

Howie Gordon ’81
Firm name: Goodrich Management Corp., NJ (http://www.goodrichrealestate.com/bios2.html)
Profession: real estate
Will Host: As many as interested, all day, will meet alumni in Mahattan and travel together to NJ

Frank Sposato ’84
Firm name: Lazard (https://www.lazardassetmanagement.com/us/en_us)
Profession: institutional asset management sales and client relations
Will Host: Up to 5 students, any time, Midtown NYC

Felix Tabary ’14
felixtabary@gmail.com, 347-207-2140
Firm name: Riskified (https://www.riskified.com/)
Profession: payment technology, software/e-commerce
Will Host: Up to 3 students, 11:00 a.m., Midtown NYC

group photo of last year's dinner