Move-In Plan for the Mu Chapter of Sigma Pi

August 5, 2020: Move-in will begin on Friday, August 7, and will be closely regulated so that people can move in comfortably. Obviously, the move-in process for this semester will be very different from past experiences.

We are assigning everybody a one-hour block in which they are to move in. This is to preserve social distancing and to prevent multiple people from trying to move in at once. Up to eight brothers can move in during a single day. Priority will be given to executive board members, followed by brothers who work for a Cornell student agency or university essential service. Brothers living in doubles will have move-in dates far enough apart so that one can move in, be tested, and receive a negative result before their roommate moves in.

In order to move in, all brothers must complete several documents and send to the Sage or RA:
  • Cornell's behavioral compact
  • Mu Chapter's brotherhood compact
  • Sigma Pi liability/privacy waiver
  • Your personal Positive Test Infection Protocol
  • If applicable, a Traveler Health Form

If you are travelling from a state included in New York’s travel advisory, you must quarantine for 14 days in a non-restricted state before arrival. There are now 34 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico on the list. The list may expand to include your state by the time you move in. If your state is on the list, you must fill out a Traveler Health Form upon entering New York. The form and further information can be found on New York’s COVID-19 Travel Advisory page. The form must be received by the sage or RA along with the other documents before moving in.

New York State law requires any person traveling from a restricted state to quarantine upon arrival for 14 days with their own private bathroom. This cannot be accomplished at Sigma Pi, so if you are traveling from a restricted state, you must quarantine in New York (or any other non-restricted state) for 14 days, get tested, and receive a negative result before you can move into 730 University.

Now, those traveling from restricted states cannot move in unless you have quarantined (1) in a “safe” state, (2) with a private bathroom, (3) for 14 days, and then (4) tested negative.

This is a New York State law, so it is also required of brothers living in annexes. For the health of the whole house, if you do not detail your plans to quarantine and get tested with the sage or resident advisor, you will not be allowed to move in.

Before moving in: Quarantine for 14 days in a non-restricted state. Get tested three to five days before arriving in Ithaca. Schedule your Cornell test for one to five days after you arrive. All brothers must quarantine in their room until they receive their Cornell test result, no matter what state you traveled from. Also, let us know if you are changing rooms and left items in your old room. Those items will be stored in the pit until you arrive. Finally, remember to complete Cornell's checklist, completion of which is required to attend classes. Check out our own Mu Chapter checklist.

When moving in: We are adhering to Cornell's best practice regarding move-in. This best practice suggests that each student be limited to bringing two suitcases and one backpack. The amount of items must be minimized, because (a) we are going home by Thanksgiving, (b) we need to be able to move out quickly in the event in-person classes are cancelled, and (c) we cannot have our move-out, whenever it occurs, be burdened by a high amount of physical items. We will not have the help of Elevate movers, so minimizing baggage, especially large items, is important. Do not bring rugs or fabric furniture, even for your own room.

After moving in: Every brother will go through a short orientation of expected behavior. See our Mu Chapter checklist, but note that it will be expanded significantly in the coming weeks.



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