Sigma Pi United Against Hate

In the past 25 days, following Hamas’s brutal attack on Israeli civilians, the wounds of a long-standing and complex conflict have been repeatedly reopened. Today, the pain from those wounds has reached our campus in the form of hateful threats and calls for violence against members of the Jewish community.

The brothers of Sigma Pi - Mu Chapter stand firmly against all forms of hate, including anti-Semitism, and offer our unwavering support to our Jewish brothers and the entire Jewish community at Cornell. The Sigma Pi Creed emphasizes the development of character as a core principle of our brotherhood.

These moments are when character is truly tried, nurtured, and, ultimately, when it prevails. Hate, and the violation of fundamental human values which it represents, has no place within our brotherhood, on our campus, or in this world. Our doors are always open to those seeking safety, shelter, or support.

Mu Chapter of the Sigma Pi Fraternity of the United States Inc.



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