West Coast Dinners

Mu Chapter West Coast brothers unite! In May, Mu Chapter alumni from the West Coast got together for dinners in Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These events gave everyone the opportunity to share stories and enjoy the cross-generational bonds of brotherhood.

We managed to have graduates from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s and even current undergrads attend. It was an impressive turnout that we only hope to increase as we plan additional events on the West Coast.

The dinners were organized by Quin Garcia ’05, Wayne Buder ’79, Steve Rosenzweig ’79, Randy Ottinger ’80, Mark “Woody” Childs ’88, and Craig Dewey ’06. Jarett Wait ’80 came out from New York to fill the guys in on the current state of the Pi house and Greek life at Cornell and across the country.

We greatly expanded these events from the first one, four years ago in San Francisco. And there’s room to improve further. If you were there, or weren’t there but would like to attend a future event, and have any ideas how we could best establish this as a consistently recurring gathering, we’d love to hear from you! Please reach out directly to Craig Dewey ’06 (craig.dewey@gmail.com).

There’s also an opportunity to further involve the current undergraduates as we expand our West Coast network, so please stay tuned for upcoming outreach.

Thanks to all of the Mu Chapter brothers who attended the West Coast alumni dinners!

Silicon Valley Dinner: May 21, 2019

Bert Hurlbut ’74
Robert Bernstein ’77
David Lapier ’78
Joe Ottinger ’80
Jarett Wait ’80
John Alkaya ’81
Mike Rantz ’81
Mark Childs ’88
Brian Cannon ’91
Quin Garcia ’05
Alex Metzroth ’05
Alan Chan ’06
Craig Dewey ’06
Alex Loo ’06
Mark Schwager ’06
John Zimmer ’06
Brian Lederman ’10
Will Roth ’22

San Francisco Dinner: May 22, 2019

Robert Bernstein ’77
Kevin Gleason ’78
Wayne Buder ’79
Curt Quantz ’79
Steve Rosenzweig ’79
Joe Ottinger ’80
Douglas Uyeno ’80
Jarett Wait ’80
Mark Childs ’88
Aaron Pollock ’88
David Bertenthal ’89
Craig Dewey ’06
Scott Melman ’06
Jeremy Kraker ’07

Los Angeles Dinner: May 23, 2019

Jarett Wait ’80
Craig Dewey ’06
Jonathan Chew ’00
Matthew Dietz ’07
Eric Hoffman ’07
Trevor White ’07
Jonathan Beckerman ’14



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